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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Earning online here in the internet was not that easy. I can say that as I've been on the situation since then up to now. What makes me more interested is having lots of friends who could guide you going to the site that will not waste your time as lot's of online job or PTC here in the internet was a scam. And cant really deny that I am one of the victim. Anyway, it happen and i could not really get my pay as it is a scam. Well, now still trying as i have several friend's who could guide and give me some links where i could get payments. And its very interesting. 
You guys could do it anyway too. Why don't give it try, nothing will be harm and you will feel better if you will see your earning's in your paypal account. Anyway, Goodluck to all of us guys..everyone could post a comment too about their experience. Will be posting more stories soon. ^_^.